originals on demand

You can now participate in Chase Litigation Services’ “Originals On Demand” program, another way to promote green living and reduce your need for expensive storage space. Chase created this program realizing how much time, cost and natural resources were being spent on printing paper originals when a small minority of litigation ends in actual trial with a judge requiring filing of paper transcripts. With the ease of electronic transcript delivery, online witness review and e-filing, we encourage all clients to consider pausing and waiting for us to hit "print" on the original deposition transcripts until they are truly needed.  

When you participate in the OOD program, rest assured that our Chase court reporters will still follow their duties regarding witness review, obtaining witness signatures and distributing errata sheets.  Those documents, as well as scanned original exhibits, will be online and available for download via our 24/7 online repository at your convenience.  

When you determine that the case will be going to trial and printed, bound original transcripts will be needed, simply contact our office to request express printing and delivery of your transcripts for no additional charge.  At that time, we will send you a list of the witnesses from the depositions covered by Chase.  Your OOD list will include the date of the deposition, the witness name, the exhibits marked at the deposition and whether or not the witness completed an errata sheet.  

We hope you share our passion for environmental sustainability and elect our OOD program.  If you have any questions about this program or other Chase services, we are here to help!